Quick freezing perfect selection of excellent prod

Quick freezing perfect selection of excellent prod

The origin of fresh and natural fast frozen preser

Frozen strawberry products series
Strawberries, also known as cranberries, are of European origin.Strawberries look juicy and heart-shaped, known as the "Queen of fruit"
Frozen peach products series
Natural color, sweet big, each full crystal fruity, meat thick crisp but not soft, sweet and sour moderate
Quick-frozen pepper product series
Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, sufficient water, resulting in its natural characteristics, the meat is more compact
Best quality strawberry processing frozen    

   The strawberries are hand-picked and frozen before shipment to keep them fresh and to extend their shelf life.

     Strawberry is also called cranberry, Strawberry, Strawberry, etc. It is a kind of red fruit.Strawberry is the genera of strawberry plants in the Family Rosaceae. It is a herb for many years. There are more than 50 kinds of known plants in the world, originating in Europe.The appearance of strawberry is heart-shaped, juicy, sweet and sour, and has a special fruity aroma.Strawberry is known as the "queen of fruit" because of its excellent color, aroma and taste, high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C and digestive effect.

New products listed

New products listed

100% planting base direct mining, processing quick

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